About us

Holo Lab is a DOOH company that offers its clients a unique way of advertising. We were the first to step into the future of 3D advertising with Hypervsn holograms and made out-of-home advertising affordable and attractive.

Digital holographic 3D technology achieves direct interaction and leaves a strong impression on viewers. The digital mega screens “Violeta” and “Vrata grada” are unique on the market because their size and locations guarantee high visibility and a successful campaigns.



Do you know who has the largest digital mega screen in Croatia?
We! The most famous mega screen “Violeta” leaves everyone speechless.

Digital mega screen „Vrata grada” is recognized by clients as the most important digital advertising space at the entrance to the city of Zagreb due to its visibility from the Remetinec rotor and the high turnover of vehicles on the Adriatic bridge.

The digital billboard “Črnomerec” 12 m2 is located in Zagreb’s Ilica, near the Črnomerec terminal and guarantees high visibility.

3D Holo AD advertising

Holo Lab made the hologram effect affordable and was the first to provide its clients the ability to display their futuristic dreams across multiple units and locations. You would like to know how many person have seen your 3D creative? After the end of each campaign, we deliver to the client an analytical report on the visibility of the campaign – number of views, average viewing time and audience segmentation by age and gender.

Creative needs

You have materials and an idea but no time to develop something creative?! Don’t worry, we work with top designers who will adapt every creative to our digital outdoor locations and holograms.

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